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We have entered into that time identified by Daniel in which biblical prophecy concerning the end times is being progressively unsealed by the Spirit of truth in order to warn and prepare the generation who will experience them. This progressive unsealing will lead to a rapid increase in the number of awakening virgins who will receive and respond to the revelatory truth of end times prophecy just as He has planned.

            But you, O Daniel, shut up the words and seal the Book until the time of the end. [Then] many shall run to and fro and search anxiously [through the Book], and knowledge [of God's purposes as revealed by His prophets] shall be increased and become great. Daniel 12:4 Amplified (emphasis is the author’s)

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God's Prophetic Calendar God has provided us with a prophetic calendar for all of the primary events related to the redemption of an elect remnant of fallen mankind in Jesus Christ. The New Testament church has largely ignored this calendar first given to Israel in Leviticus 23, as though it does not belong to us.

But this calendar has been, and will be, fulfilled entirely in the New Testament. Therefore, the entirety of scriptural doctrine, including prophetic doctrine related to the body of Christ, MUST comply with a revelatory understanding of this calendar and with a revelatory understanding of the 
Covenant that this calendar defines. Open | Printer-Friendly Version

The Blood Covenant Covenant is the most essential doctrine in scripture, and the failure to correctly understand this doctrine corrupts the interpretation of all other scriptural doctrine, including biblical prophecy. Open

The Blood Covenant Chart A concise chart tracing God’s promise of redemption from Adam to Abraham to Jesus of Nazareth, providing a visual understanding of the fact that it has been God’s intention from before the foundations of the world to include the elect remnant of mankind in a single redemptive blood covenant in Jesus Christ. Open

God's Prophetic Calendar The appointed times and feasts of the Lord was provided to Israel and to us  upon whom the fulfillment of the ages has come, with a specific, detailed calendar for the seven specific events for the redemption of a remnant of fallen mankind as those events have been, and will be, fulfilled by Jesus Christ from His crucifixion to our eternal home in the New Jerusalem on an earth renovated by spiritual fire. Therefore, any doctrine, including prophetic doctrine, that does not, or cannot comply with a revelatory understanding of this calendar and a revelatory understanding of God's covenant relationship with a believing remnant of fallen mankind in Christ is demonstrated to be not only erroneous, but heretical. Open | Printer Friendly Version


Understanding Biblical Prophecy in Terms of God’s Revelatory Purposes It was never God’s intention that all men, whether guided by the Spirit of truth or not, should be able to come to a correct understanding of biblical prophecy. The Spirit intended some prophecy to be understood only after it takes place in order to confirm the knowledge of God’s will as it is revealed in scripture. And He has intended some to be revealed only to those for whom it is specifically intended. Open
Understanding Biblical Prophecy in Terms of COVENANT
False, non-revelatory interpretations of biblical prophecy related to national, ethnic Israel arise from a lack of understanding concerning God’s former covenant relationship with national, ethnic Israel now fulfilled to “spiritual Israel,” the “Israel of God,” which includes both Jews and Gentiles as one new man. Open

The Jezebel Spirit An expose´ of the true source of false doctrine, false practice, false traditions, and idolatry in the end times church, and the increase of the spirit of Elijah anointing, turning the fathers of the faith back to the children of the faith, and the children and disobedient of the faith back to God, to make ready a people for the return of the Lord. Open

WARNING From Voices of the Past We cannot escape the importance of the writings of the early church fathers, especially those prior to the First Council of Nicaea in A.D.325, heavily influenced by the oral tradition of the apostolic teachings. It is, therefore, important to recognize that these men all held to a historic pre-millennial view, in which the concept of a pre-tribulation resurrection-“rapture” of church only saints was inconceivable to them. Open

The Papacy Connection The conflict between the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Reformation spawned deceptive interpretations of prophetic scripture still popularly believed by the modern church. To Satan’s credit and the sleeping church’s shame, these deceptive, non-revelatory doctrines are still with us. Open

Left Behind? An examination of the origin of Dispensational theology from which the concept of a pre-tribulation resurrection-“rapture” of church only saints emerged in the early 19th century, and an examination of the common “proof texts” used to defend this popular but heretical interpretation of biblical prophecy. Open

The Olivet Prophecy The Lord provided His disciples with a detailed response to their question about the signs of His coming and the end of the age, a response that clearly relates to the Christian believers of a generation whom the Lord prophesied would read about it in the Christian Bible, and, therefore, recognize, the signs of the times as well as the specific sign of His imminent return. Matthew 24 and 25, Mark 13, and Luke 21. Open

The Olivet Prophecy Parallel Passages Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 compared as parallel passages with notes to assist disciples in their examination of this important prophecy given to the church as it relates to events from the immediate future of His original disciples all the way to the end times church. Open

The Prophetic Parable of the Ten Virgins A parable included in the Olivet prophecy warning the end times church of the testing that will divide the “wise” from the “foolish” virgins in the midst of great persecution and tribulation. The believer’s revelatory understanding of this prophecy may determine whether he/she experiences the tragedy of the “foolish” or the glory of the “wise” virgins. (An overview) Open

Parable of the Ten Virgins A detailed exegete of this important prophetic parable. Open

The Latter Rains In the prophetic parable of the ten virgins we notice an unusual encounter between the “wise ” and the “foolish” virgins in which the foolish virgins recognize, not only that they are running out of oil (the apparent presence of the Holy Spirit) but that the wise virgins obviously have an abundant manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Is there a latter rains outpouring of the Spirit still to come upon the church before the last day? Open

The Four HorsemenThis prophecy given to the church by the Lord in Revelation 6 is already partially fulfilled. The immediate future of America, the church, and Israel in the end times scenario is clearly revealed. Includes a detailed chart. Open

The 144,000 – The Most Astonishing Prophecy in Scripture  The identity of the metaphorical 144,000 are clearly revealed and confirmed in the Jewish calendar of appointed times and feasts of the Lord, which is the prophetic blueprint for all the major events of God’s redemptive covenant in Christ. Open

The Woman Clothed With the Sun National Israel was the covenant “woman” when the man-child, Jesus, was born, but at the resurrection of Jesus Christ the covenant “woman” became spiritual Israel, the “Israel of God.” The illuminated, unsealed understanding of the book of Revelation demonstrates that this prophecy relates to the sealing and redemption of the metaphorical 144,000 (spiritual) Jewish “virgins” as first fruits unto God and the Lamb for the purpose of bringing in the final harvest of the great multitude from every nation, tribe, and tongue. Open

The Bozrah Deliverance This prophecy in Micah describes spiritual Israel, the metaphorical 144,000, a.k.a. the woman clothed with the sun, in the sheepfold of God, a spiritual fortress in the world, during the final 3.5 years of “great tribulation.” Open

REVELATION: The Lord’s Letter to the End Times Church
Revelation 2 and 3 contains the Lords commendations, condemnations, and required repentance for seven specific churches in the near east toward the end of apostle John’s ministry, but it is the end times church to whom the Spirit of truth makes an astonishing application that reveals the specific sins that will result in the end times apostasy of the “foolish” virgins. Open

Building the End Times Apostate Church by Dr. Jay Worth Allen        An acute examination of numerous historical and present day influences that have corrupted the truth of scripture to produce the many facets of deceptive apostate Christianity popularized and promoted through “Christian” organizations, publications, movies, and movements. Great, great, attention getting information from a man who values the truth of God. Open

Paul's Unknown Prophecy Ephesians 4:11-16 has been traditionally taught as our instruction concerning the Lord's ministry gifts of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers to prepare the saints for works of faith. But this passage also contains an astonishing prophecy related to the end times church. Open / Printer-Friendly Version

Daniel's Seventy Weeks Unsealed Our current traditional understanding of this prophecy was developed at a time when it was still sealed, but it has now been unsealed for the generation of believers who will experience it. Open / Printer-Friendly Version

Storm Warnings  The prophetic dreams of the author related to the coming storm of the Lord, including a specific revelation concerning the future of America. Open

The Storm of the Lord: A Prophecy Concerning False Prophets and Lying Shepherds in the End Times    Jeremiah prophesied about false prophets and lying shepherds in the latter days, and this prophecy has been opened by the Spirit of Truth to apply specifically to the end times church. 


The Awakening    Few believers are aware of a partially fulfilled prophecy given by the Lord revealing a unique spiritual AWAKENING to be experienced by the entire body of Christ prior to His return. Yet, this is the MOST important end time event yet to come for the true church prior to the return of the Lord. 


The Tribulation Parables     These parables, the fig tree sign, the faithful and wicked servants, the ten virgins, and the parable of the talents are typically treated as kingdom parables rather than prophetic parables, but the Lord specifically used them to provide important prophetic details to those end times disciples who would have “ears to hear” and “eyes to see.”


“God’s Prophetic Calendar” – The appointed times and feasts of the Lord, the fulfillment of Passover, Unleavened Bread, and Firstfruits, the future fulfillment of Trumpets, Atonement, and Tabernacles, and the unrecognized fulfillment of Pentecost. Open

“Pope Francis and The Emerging One World Religion” by Michael Snyder, with comments by Jim Sayles. Open

The Two House Mythology Exposed (pdf and printer friendly) Those who are in denial that the Father “hath visited and redeemed His people” two millennia ago through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ believe that there will be a future reunion of the lost tribes of Israel with the tribes of Judah and Benjamin in fulfillment of the “two sticks” prophecy (Ezekiel 37) Open | Open Printer Friendly Version

A clear, unsealed, revelatory understanding of the past, present, and future events and entities engaged in end time warfare against the kingdom of God.

The Spirit of Truth is unsealing end times prophecy for the generation who will experience it, and it is the Lord’s intent, expressed in His warning, specifically given to end time Believers, “DO NOT BE LED ASTRAY,” that we have a revelatory understanding of the metaphors and timelines related to the final form of the emerging end time beast kingdom so that we will be prepared for the trying times immediately ahead of us.


This current series, and the series to follow (“The END TIMES CHURCH”) is dedicated to the prophets, pastors, teachers, and ministry leaders, the fathers of our faith of all denominations, who will overcome a flood of Satanic deception and presumptive, rabbinic errors, as they lead the “wise virgins” of the end time Philadelphian church through the most dangerous and trying time since the creation of mankind, glorifying the Lord in fullness as they ultimately bring in the great end time harvest from every nation, tribe, and tongue in the face of the worst Satan can do through his beast kingdom.


  • Part 1: The Final Beast – Understanding the complex identity of the beast kingdom and the evil triad ruling this kingdom in the final days of the end times. OPEN

  • Part 2: The Four Horsemen – A revelatory understanding of the progressive historic and future forms (identities) of the final beast kingdom already manifesting in the world. OPEN

  • Part 3: The Restrainer and The Fourth Horseman – The “he that now restrains” being “taken out of the way.” This has been “sold” to the church as being the Holy Spirit removed from the earth when the church is “raptured.” The truth is clearly and undeniably presented in scripture, and it is not what we have believed. OPEN

  • Part 4: The Defeat of the Third Jihad of Islam – The event that will shock the world and result in the opening of the 4th seal and the entrance of the pale green horseman is a one day nuclear war in the middle east that takes place when the Jihadist coalition attempts to utterly destroy Israel. This event is IMMINENT. OPEN

  • Part 5: The Little Horn – The emergent geo-political spiritual power that will ultimately become the world capital of the final beast kingdom. The “head” that receives a deadly wound by the sword and then comes back to life, and the identifying characteristics of the antichrist “man of sin” who is IN the “little horn.” OPEN

  • Part 6: The Temple Mount – The shocking truth about the forces and doctrine behind the building of the third temple on the temple mount, from which the antichrist “man of sin” will be revealed and the nature of the mysterious covenant “mark” of the beast that will be eagerly sought after by the majority of mankind. OPEN

  • Part 7: The Image of the Beast – Not a statue, not a flag, not the covenant “mark” of the beast, but the manifest presence of Satan in the world through mankind. OPEN

  • Part 8: BABYLON the Great – The geographical, political, and spiritual seat of the beast kingdom during the final 3.5 years of “great tribulation.” OPEN

    This series is to be followed by: The END TIMES CHURCH